CING Cleaners, LLC is one of the MOST RELIABLE and MOST TRUSTED
cleaning service companies today!


Our Approach

CiNG cleaners is a combination of professional cleaning proficiency and Dynamic customer service. We bring over 40 years of combined cleaning experience both domestic and commercial as well as southern hospitality at the core of all that we do. It is our desire to serve as partners to our clients to help maintain a high level of cleanliness for their employees and customers alike.

We approach each client as a member of our family that we love to take care of. Just like a baby or a pet that needs a loving caring adult, to makes sure everything around them is clean and sanitary. That's us. We realize that we clean with excellence because we love others as God loves us and that he expects nothing less.


To develop teams of quality people who focus on achieving success through excellent service by exceeding the expectations of our clients, their staff and all who will enter their premises.


We aim to be indispensable to the commercial and private sector in the cleaning service and to have our name synonymous with excellence.


Our core values are listed individually but are of one thought and action; We seek to Glorify God in everything we do, Integrity is our character, Service Before Self is our mindset, Loyalty because we function as a dedicated unit and not as individuals, Excellence is our standard for each task, Adaptability and Innovation allows us to be flexible and to quickly learn new environments and to thrive in them; and culture means our values are a lifestyle not merely work policy.


Our Goal

We here at CiNG seek to partner with our clients to assist in the recruitment and retentionprocess by providing an exceptional experience through our services.